Stress Resilience Workshops: When Events Change Your Life

I am inspired in 2018 to launch Whole Wellness Stress Resilience Workshops for anyone going through something.  We are all going through something or coming out of something that is life changing at any given time.  I am coming out of 10 years of private practice with Whole Wellness Counseling and a massive amount of learning and growth.  In reading "The Book of Joy, Lasting Happiness in a Changing World" by Douglas Abrams actually twice over the fall I have become more resilient in my daily life.  I have practiced mindfulness meditation and Yoga since the early 90s, and I genuinely did not get it for myself until last year that what I have been doing in my practice over the last 10 years is helping my clients to become more resilient to life.  I love working individually, but I look forward to sharing my wisdom with groups and watching the magic of a group at play.  

Stress resilience accepts that life is stressful and change is hard.  Stress resilience accepts that even the most positive life change involves grief and stress.  Stress resilience does not eliminate or deny adversity or painful loss.  Stress resilience embraces adversity and change as a building block necessary for personal and professional growth.  Stress resilience is training for a balanced and meaningful life. 

I am offering a FREE 2 hour introductory workshop that you can register for on my website.  When we are done with this workshop you will understand what stress is and how stress impacts the mind, body, emotions, relationships, and spirit and you will target and identify what your stress is all about. 

You will explore your story, and perhaps begin re-telling it. 

You will leave with strategies and tools ready to implement to begin your journey into a more stress resilient life.  I will incorporate mindfulness based stress reduction techniques with cognitive behavioral strategies to guide participants through exercises to create stress resilience.  

Please share this post and the workshop information with friends, colleagues, and family members who may benefit.  I look forward meeting you!