Reaching our service members and Veterans

Courage to war and courage to heal are dichotomous in nature.  Duality exists in nature, for light there is dark, for pain there is pleasure, there is an ebb and flow to life.  It expands and contracts.  Nature is a metaphor and a mirror through which life is projected.  See the air cooling, the leaves changing color and dying, falling off tree limbs, darkening and becoming still.  Notice the rise and fall of the sun and moon, the cyces of nature unfold before you.  We are all connected in this dual nature as we are also separate, and there is a cycle of closeness that happens with darkness.  Light and heat disconnects as we break apart for air and cooling off, or we spark off eachother and distance until it is once again time to hybernate.  Some come close and some stay distant with the cycles that happen in life.  

Soldiers hold still and stern with a duty to country above all else.  The cycles of nature still apply, but force and duty prevail for a soldier.  The sun may rise and set and the soldier carries on to the beat of his command.  There is pride and pain, but joy and the experience of love and freedom are fleeting when the soldier is on mission.  Pushing through pain and finding a way to survive is a way of life.  Living is survival, and survival is enough.  

There is a magic bullet question that arises in most every encounter I have with a soldier or veteran or family member; What is the point?  That lingering, longing question.  What is the point when it is all said and done.   When the ashes have fallen and settled and the darkness falls upon the day.  What makes rising in the morning possible?  What is the point of this all?

I have no magic answers.  I am here to reach you though, to find you through the pain and to help you find a new mission in life, one of joy and love and relationship.  And yes it is possible and no it does not come without pain and hard work.  I have developed a program and a formula that can help to guide you to that place.  To a place where the magic bullet question becomes the ammunition for living your fullest life.  Pick up the phone and call and I will be waiting and honored to answer your call, for my duty is to heal our nations hero's thereby impacting the whole.   I am starting a group on October 27, 2017 at 11:30am.  Call now to learn more.